What are Roll-Off Solid Waste Containers

Roll-off solid waste containers offer a wide range of flexibility in use. If you have material that needs to be contained or hauled off, solid waste containers will handle the job. These large containers are used in a large number of industries.

Frac-N-Vac has choices to meet your needs including covered, open top, or super duty.

Uses of Roll-offs

  • Solid waste containment
  • High bulk density wastes such as soils, ashes and sludges

Benefits of Roll-offs

  • Versatility of use
  • Large capacity for collection

Transportation of Roll-offs

  • DOT registered vehicle and easily transported by a variety of trailers.
  • Frac-N-Vac will move the De-watering box to your location

What Industries are Using Frac-N-Vac Roll-Offs

  • Chemical plants
  • Refineries, oil fields
  • Paper mills
  • Wood products
  • Municipalities


Open Top Solid Waste Container

Super Duty Open Top Container


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