What are Vacuum Boxes

Vacuum Boxes offer a way to store and transport liquids and sludges for disposal. They are ideal for improving the utilization of expensive vacuum trucks. These containers provide cost effective storage of materials for testing or future treatment. The heavy duty construction, positive seal hatch and gasketed door provide for secure containment of materials.

The two 8" flanged inlets enable efficient loading and unloading. The roll off design allows for easy transportation using standard roll off trailers. The 25 yard capacity is an industry standard.

Uses of Vacuum Boxes

  • Projects using vacuum trucks to move sludge and solids: auto manufacturing, paint booths and paper mills.

Benefits of Vacuum Boxes

  • Keeps vacuum trucks or other air movers operating full time.
  • Gasketed door for full compression sealing.

Transportation of Vacuum Boxes

  • DOT registered vehicle and easily transported by a variety of trailers.
  • Frac-N-Vac will move the Vacuum Tank to your location

What Industries are Using Frac-N-Vac Vacuum Boxes

  • Chemical plants
  • Refineries, oil fields
  • Paper mills
  • Wood products
  • Municipalities


Frac-N-Vac Vacuum Boxes



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